The Ozone process of therapy sessions is one of the most powerful methods of detoxifying and oxygenating the body in existence.  Following an Ozone therapy session, the majority of people actually feel relaxed yet still energized.  Clients will also experience effects related to enhancement of cellular immunity, as well as an increase in circulation and metabolism .  Oxygen is incredibly important for collagen along with elastin health.  Increased oxygen supply to the skin helps restore natural elasticity and suppleness, which strengthens fibers creating an instant tightening effect.  Among the main factors for premature aging and wrinkling is the presence of toxins.  Reducing these toxicity levels can help prevent this aging while at the same time reducing the effects of stress as a result of the stimulation of protective cell enzymes.  Increased oxygen levels, from the Ozone process, stimulate development of skin cells revitalizing and rejuvenating the body.

Ozone ProcessOzone Process: Therapy Sessions

The wet heat of the sauna causes pores to open, capillaries to dilate and allows ozone to fully penetrate the tissues.  Ozone enters the body and oxidizes toxins found within fat cells, the blood as well as the lymphatic system.  Given that the vast majority of toxins tend to be held in these areas, this ozone process is among the most effective methods for eliminating them.  The skin represents the largest organ of waste elimination, and when toxins are removed through sweat, the liver and kidneys are spared a great deal of work. This is how the Ozone process assists to detoxify your body.

Each 30 minute session burns 400-600 calories by increasing body temperature through the sauna, which increases basal metabolic rate.  Saturating cells with ozone also adds to the increase in metabolism. This catalyst to the body’s metabolic process is responsible for  fat burning and the efficient use of nutrients.  An additional benefit is that when toxins are removed from fat, the body’s fat cells shrink and substantial weight loss can be realized.

The Ozone Process and Toxicity

We live in a toxic world.  Our air,  water and foods have become toxic and deficient.  Attempting to maintain a wholesome, healthy life style is more difficult than ever. The human body is exposed to toxicity on a daily basis. Cancer, viral infections, and auto-immune conditions are more prevalent than ever. The Ozone process of therapy is one the most powerful purifying and oxygenating therapies found today. Oxygen is necessary for respiration, digestion, circulation, hormone production, ATP production, immune system function, reproduction and elimination. The Ozone process purifies the bloodstream, liver, gall bladder, colon, lymphatic fluid, fat, and complete probiotic restoration.