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From Saul Pressman of PlasmaFire

Self-treatment is legal with any substance that is not contraband. Ozone is not contraband, and in fact, has EPA approval for water disinfection, and FDA approval for food preservation.

Medical doctors are licensed by state boards, and in 15 states that have passed health freedom legislation, their doctors can use any modality they feel is efficacious. The other 35 states are still under the thumb of FDA, which has in the past persecuted doctors for using ozone therapy (through the state licensing boards).

Naturopaths have traditionally had more leeway with the therapies they employ. In fact, naturopathy in America was founded on ozone therapy in 1896, and should actually be grandfathered in, being in existence before FDA was created in 1906.

Ozone therapy is taught at several naturopathic colleges in America, and I am proud to say that two of them use my book “The Story of Ozone” as a textbook.